guitar cable

Providence cable has been renewed!!

The traditional sound of each model is preserved, but now even clearer.
In 2023, the Providence cable has been renewed * .
For the renewal, we reexamined the manufacturing process, which can be said to be a continuation of the raw materials used and the craftsmanship, and made some revisions.
All models are compatible with a variety of musical styles, and are even more articulate than previous models, transmitting a clear sound that won't get lost in an ensemble.
This is a shielded cable that meets Providence's theme of ``corresponding to the sound that the times demand'' and meets the needs of modern players, where the music environment is rapidly changing.
*Excludes some models.

When it comes to shielded cables, freshness is the key.
Shielded cables begin to deteriorate due to oxidation as soon as the cross section is exposed to air during the manufacturing cutting process.
At Pacificix DIRECT & OUTLET, we deliver fresh cables that are manufactured and shipped at our factory after receiving your order.