Livewire is a brand that aims to provide people with the enjoyment of music through lively sound, not only for players but also for audiences.

The word LIVEWIRE has the meaning of ``active person'' or ``talented person'' as well as ``live electric wire.'' Through the lively sound that these words express, we aim to create a world where people are full of energy and filled with joy.
As a clear statement of the brand's existence, a portion of the profits from products bearing this brand will be used as ``return'' to support organizations that carry out social contribution activities such as environmental protection. It stands as a purpose.
In addition, in order to gain support and cooperation from as many people as possible for the brand's purpose, we aim to cut distribution to the shortest possible time, and from the perspective of environmental protection, we do not use packaging with unnecessary decorations.

When it comes to shielded cables, freshness is the key.
Shielded cables begin to deteriorate due to oxidation as soon as the cross section is exposed to air during the manufacturing cutting process.
At Pacificix DIRECT & OUTLET, we deliver fresh cables that are manufactured and shipped at our factory after receiving your order.
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