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Passive sound with powerful signal!!
The Vitalizer®-G1 is an Active Impedance Converter circuit that converts into a powerful and lively low impedance signal without sacrificing as much as possible the passive sound that combines the individuality of the player and the characteristics of the electric guitar.

As an approach based on Providence's proud electronic technology, in order to solve unresolved areas that exist in electric guitars, we have repeatedly designed and improved based on Vitalizer® technology, selected carefully selected parts, and downsized. It has been molded and insulated to allow it to be mounted on a guitar.
It converts it into a low impedance signal and outputs it, taking full advantage of the passive sound without sacrificing the natural sound required of a guitar.

At first glance, the signal after passing through the Vitalizer®-G1 may sound unchanged, but the signal from the powerful guitar, which is preset to the sound image when using a 5m cable (our comparison), passes through many effectors. It will be a powerful weapon that relieves guitarists from the stress of deteriorating sound quality and noise caused by running long cables.

■VZ-G1 parts list
VZ-G1 module x 1
4P-2P wire assay x 1
Battery snap assay x 1
Stereo phone jack x 1