Vitalizer Bass Preamp VP-B1-2 (2Band EQ Preamp)

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A built-in bass preamp equipped with the active circuit Vitalizer-B1 that converts into a powerful and lively low impedance signal without sacrificing the passive sound that combines the player's individuality and the characteristics of the electric bass.

●Active Impedance Converter Vitalizer-B1
Equipped with a base Viltaizer that converts high impedance signals, which are susceptible to external influences such as sound quality deterioration and noise, into low impedance signals that are less susceptible to such influences and do not become too Hi-Fi based on the characteristics of the instrument. Vitalizer-B1 applied to mold.
This function converts it into a low impedance signal and outputs it without compromising the natural sound of the bass as much as possible. The Vitalizer-B1 circuit, which is preset to the sound image when using a 5m cable (our comparison), is a powerful weapon that relieves bassists from the stress of sound quality deterioration and noise caused by long cable routing and frequent use of effectors. It will happen.

●Vitalizer Bass Preamp
The Vitalizer Bass Preamp VP-B1 is a built-in bass preamp that is based on the circuit of the Providence DBS-1, a stomp-type preamp for bass, and is miniaturized and equipped with the Vitalizer-B1. Even with 9V DC drive, it achieves a wide range of clean output with little distortion.
The EQ section uses an EQ curve that does not overlap part of the frequency band that can be controlled by the passive tone and active treble, and is designed to allow the passive tone to be effective even when active. EQ control uses custom-made W-curve pots to boost/cut the important Treble/Bass bands with unprecedented smooth operability.

●VP-B1-2 parts list
VP-B1 module x 1
9P-4P wire assay x 1
Battery snap assay x 1
EQ Pot (2-axis 2-unit 10k-W) x 1 Stereo phone jack x 1