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Passive sound with powerful signal!!
The bass-equipped Vitalizer® converts high-impedance signals, which are susceptible to external influences such as sound quality deterioration and noise, into low-impedance signals that are less susceptible to such influences and do not become too Hi-Fi, taking into account the characteristics of the instrument. Applied Vitalizer-B1.

With a design that ensures a wide headroom, output level, and frequency range, it converts and outputs a low impedance signal without sacrificing the natural sound of the bass as much as possible.

The Vitalizer®-B1 circuit, which is preset to the sound image when using a 5m cable (our comparison), eliminates the problems that players suffer from such as deterioration in sound quality and noise caused by long cable routing, frequent use of effectors, and increased plug/jack contact points. It will be a powerful weapon to relieve stress.

■VZ-B1 parts list
VZ-B1 module x 1
4P-2P wire assay x 1
Battery snap assay x 1
Stereo phone jack x 1