V206a for Electro Acoustic Instruments

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With an ultra-small plug and a 4mm diameter cable, it is a cable that does not make you feel its presence even with an acoustic guitar. “Eleuku” is also recommended for violin.

Features of V206a cable <br>What is the best cable for electric acoustic guitar? What is important for an electric-acoustic cable is that it faithfully transmits the electric-acoustic sound and has low noise, which is the minimum requirement for a cable. And more importantly, it is the perfect size and weight for electric acoustic guitar. However, this important point has been forgotten in the cables for electric and acoustic acoustics up until now. Most electric acoustic guitars have a relatively large body size, and have a structure unique to electric acoustic guitars, such as the jack also serving as an end pin. And since electric-acoustic instruments are originally acoustic instruments, you don't want the presence of cables to be noticeable if possible. Despite this, conventional electric and acoustic acoustic cables have forgotten the important point of having a size and weight appropriate for the unique structure and atmosphere of electric and acoustic acoustics.
By minimizing the presence of cables, the stress that often occurs when playing electric acoustic guitar is minimized.
Recommended for stringed instruments that often do not use straps, such as electric ukuleles, violins, and mandolins.

A plug that fits perfectly and provides peace of mind <br>Providence's original phone plug NP series is made in Japan with both the plug body and shell machined from brass. It is a handcrafted product that requires manual labor in many of the manufacturing steps. The plug shaft is φ6.3mm. There is little variation from product to product, and it fits snugly into inch-sized (1/4 inch) jacks used in most musical instruments such as guitars, making it difficult to pull out, and the many contact points between the plug and jack improves sound quality. have a positive impact.
*Note) Excludes LE series.

Providence's unique practicality and ideas ●When developing a product, Providence cables always test numerous combinations of plugs and solders, and choose the combination that best matches the sound they are looking for.
●Similarly, we select gold-plated or nickel-plated plugs to match the sound quality and individuality of each cable.
●The L-shaped plug has a unique angle of 91° (utility model), which secures space between the device and the device to hold the plug, and applies vertical force to reduce the load on the jack and plug when plugging or unplugging. Masu. It also allows for smooth connection to devices with an angled jack and chassis, such as those found on wah-wah pedals.

About the plug
For electric and acoustic guitars where you don't want to feel the presence of cables, we have prepared the world's smallest mini shell NP-21/NP-21L plug for soldered products.

For more information about Providence plugs → https://pacifix-one.com/collections/plugs

・Providence with VLK1 OFC
Conductor Size: 0.18mm 2
Construction(No./mm): 16/0.12 OFC
Diameter: 0.55mm
Insulation Thickness: 0.98mm(±0.05)
Diameter: 2.50mm
Inner Jacket Thickness: 0.25mm
Diameter: 3.00mm
Shield Diameter: 3.50mm
Jacket Thickness: 0.50mm(±0.05)
Diameter: 4.00mm
Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C): 100.00≧(Ω/km)
Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.160(pF/m)
Plug: NP-21/NP-14 and NP-21L/NP-14L (L type plug)
Since it is an ultra-small plug shell, be sure to hold the plug firmly when disconnecting the cable.