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Providence TOUR COMFORT CASES is a case exclusively for musical instruments that features unprecedented design throughout and incorporates various ideas even in the smallest areas. Of course, the original purpose of the guitar case is storage and portability, and it can accommodate most models for electric guitars, electric basses, acoustic guitars, and modified guitars. TOUR COMFORT CASES Series II is a case that has been fundamentally revised from the previous model and has also been improved in even more detailed points.

●TCV1R for Flying V type can store not only Gibson Flying V but also most V types such as Jackson Stars. It also supports asymmetric shapes such as Jackson RR.

■Main Features●The case body uses water-repellent fabric. You can carry it around with confidence even on rainy days.
●The zippers on the main body and pockets are also water-repellent, so the items inside will not get wet.
●By fixing the neck with the neck pillow inside the case, you can firmly hold the main body even when you are on the move.
●When carrying by the handle, it is possible to store the shoulder strap that gets in the way of walking.
●The shoulder area uses thick cushioning that prevents fatigue from being carried on the back, even when traveling for long periods of time.
●The length of the shoulder part can be adjusted by simply pulling it. You can easily adjust it while carrying it on your back.
●Equipped with a thick cushion pad around the waist. You can carry it stably by fitting it to your entire back.
●The bottom of the case and sharp parts such as the Flying V are equipped with thick cushions to protect the end pin and main body.
●Large pocket that can fit A4 size paper. Inside the small pocket at the top is a convenient keychain.

List of models that can be stored *Storage has been verified with each model ●Gibson: Flying V
●Epiphone:Flying V
●Jackson Star:Randy Rose, King V
●Cort: VX-2V
●Edwards:E-FV, E-AL
●Greco Zemaitis: GZV
●Zemaitis: GZA2800E
●Hamer: XT
●Tokai: FV