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A bright and heavy distortion sound reminiscent of the 90's. Create a variety of distortion sounds, from hard and technical guitar solos to heavy riffs and sharp harmonics.

wide range distortion sound
The STAMPEDE DT/SDT-3 is equipped with the same low-noise upconverter power supply circuit used in the STAMPEDE OD/SOV-2, and boosts the internal operating voltage from 9V DC, which is unlike any other distortion pedal powered by 9V DC. It has a wide dynamic range that is impossible to achieve. This reproduces a distortion sound with deep bass that is similar to driving a large stack amp. Also, by adjusting the GAIN and tone controls, you can create a variety of distortion sounds, from natural crunch sounds to dirty distortions like FUZZ.

2 band equalizer
Equipped with a 2-band equalizer for TREBLE and BASS. This EQ allows you to correct the tone to match the character of the connected amplifier. In combination with the GAIN control, it produces powerful distortion and rich sound characters.

SCT circuit <br data-mce-fragment="1">In a normal True-Bypass circuit, the audio signal passes through two switch circuits when bypassed, but in the STAMPEDE DT circuit, it passes through only one switch circuit when bypassed. A single contact true bypass circuit is used. The result is improved product reliability and higher sound quality than ever before.

DCG circuit <br data-mce-fragment="1">Uses a DCG circuit (double contact grounding circuit) that connects the ground side of the effector with two contacts to the shield side of the mono plug connected to the output jack. . By increasing the area of ​​the contact points, contact failures are less likely to occur, which is advantageous in terms of sound quality.

LED multi-function
The STAMPEDE DT's LED not only indicates the ON/OFF status of the effect, but also has the function of monitoring the battery voltage. When the battery voltage drops below approximately 7V, the LED will begin to turn off. Although the effect sound will still be output in this state, we recommend replacing the battery in order to fully utilize the performance of this unit.

■Main specifications ●Controls: GAIN, OUTPUT, TREBLE, BASS
●Terminals: 1/4 standard phone jack (input, output), DC9V input jack (AC adapter jack)
●Power source: 9V battery and AC adapter (each sold separately)
●Power consumption: DC9V approx. 20mA
-Size: 115(D) x 72(W) x 50(H)mm
●Weight: Approximately 250g (not including batteries)