Providence Z102 o/l "Livewizard"

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The Livewizard® Z102 model is a cable developed based on the new concept of a cable that is ideal for live performances, breaking away from previous concepts. It goes without saying that this cable is great for use in the studio, but it's even more powerful when used live.

It goes well with the Tube amplifier, and delivers powerful distortion sounds that are more realistic and pleasant. Even in a live venue filled with an audience, it provides crisp and clear sound.
Providence's original core wire configuration LWZ1 OFC, which inherited the heart of the previous generation, uses a tin-plated conductor, and the insulator uses NAP ELASTOMER, which has been proven in the S101 model. Using these two materials, we have achieved a structure that is tightly guarded with an ultra-tight braided shield and carbon-containing conductive vinyl, achieving low noise and distinctive sound. Protects your precious sound from the floor-slapping noise that comes with using cables, high-frequency noise from TVs and radios, and noise generated from motors, etc. For the plugs, we use all 24 gold plated Providence NP-14G and NP-14GL (L-shaped plugs), which best match the sound desired by the Z102 cable.

・Providence with LWZ1 OFC
・Conductor Size: 0.18mm²
・Construction(No./mm): 7/0.18 OFC
・Diameter: 0.55mm
・Insulation Thickness: 1.98mm(±0.05)
・Diameter: 4.50mm
・Inner Jacket Thickness: 0.25mm
・Diameter: 5.00mm
・Shield-Diameter: 5.50mm
・Jacket Thickness: 0.75mm(±0.10)
・Diameter: 7.00mm
・Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C): 100.00≧(Ω/km)
・Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.100(pF/m)
・Plug: NP-14G and NP-14GL (L type plug)