Providence S101 o/l "Studiowizard"

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Outlet product This is a damaged/damaged package. The Studiowizard® S101 model aims to minimize the problems faced by musicians, keeping in mind situations such as serious recording that requires a wide range, frequent use of effectors, and long cable routing in the studio. was developed.

It is generally said that long cables reduce the high frequency range and thin out the sound, but the S101 model uses Providence's unique core wire composition NSC2 OFC for the conductor and a new material NAP ELASTOMER for the insulator, so it can produce low frequencies without impairing the original sound. It covers a wide range from low to high frequencies, providing a crisp and clear sound. In addition, NAP ELASTOMER makes it lighter and more flexible than conventional products of the same type (compared to our company). Furthermore, electromagnetic noise is shut out by using a super dense braided shield and carbon-containing conductive vinyl. Protects your precious sound from the floor-slapping noise that comes with using cables, high-frequency noise from TVs and radios, and noise generated from motors, etc. The plugs used are Providence NP-14G and NP-14GL (L-shaped plugs), which are all 24k gold plated and best match the sound the S101 cable is seeking.

・Providence with NCS2 OFC
・Conductor Size: 0.50mm²
・Construction(No./mm): 100/0.08 OFC
・Diameter: 0.92mm
・Insulation Thickness: 1.79mm(±0.05)
・Diameter: 4.50mm
・Inner Jacket Thickness: 0.25mm
・Diameter: 5.00mm
・Shield-Diameter: 5.50mm
・Jacket Thickness: 0.75mm(±0.10)
・Diameter: 7.00mm
・Maximum conductor resistance (20˚C): 35.30≧(Ω/km)
・Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.60(pF/m)
・Plug: NP-14G and NP-14GL (L type plug)