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The more effects you use, the more complicated it becomes, and the more troublesome it becomes. This cable was developed under the theme of being the best microphone/line cable for handling equipment with L/R IN/OUT, which tends to cause problems such as noise. The wiring, which tends to be complicated, can be connected with fewer cables. It is also ideal for use with keyboards and DJ equipment with multiple L/R IN/OUT. In addition, the standard lineup includes insertion cables that are frequently used in studios and "Y" cables that distribute audio signals in parallel. In addition to the thinness and flexibility required for line cables, the R303 model achieves low noise and high sound quality with a balanced line. By covering the low to natural high range, it transmits the rich overtones contained in the sound. We have a wide selection of plugs, including the Providence NP-14G, which is an all-24K gold-plated one-piece structure, RCA, 3PH (TRS PHONE), and NEUTRIK's NC3FXX-B/NC3MXX-B.
*The photo shows 3PH-PH / PH .

Conductor size: 0.14mm²
Construction: 12/0.12A (No./mm)
Diameter: 0.48mm
Insulation thickness: 0.39mm (±0.05)
Diameter: 1.25mm
Paired twisting diameter: 2.50mm
Shield diameter: 2.74mm
Jacket thickness: 1.13mm (±0.10)
Diameter: 5.00x10.00mm
Maximum conductor resistance (20℃): 136.00≧(Ω/km)
Capacitance (1kHz): Approx. 75pF/m