Providence R301 o/l

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This is a cable developed exclusively for microphone/line.
While designed to accommodate professional digital recording, we pursued a human and warm sound. In addition, the core wire/shield wire uses non-OFC material and has a structure that is resistant to deterioration such as oxidation. Even though it is a dynamic microphone, it has a wide sound range that feels like a condenser microphone, and a usability that feels a step above. The connectors are based on NEUTRIK's NC3FXX-B/NC3MXX-B, which best matches the sound required by the R301 cable, and there are a variety of connectors including Providence NP-14G, which has an all-24 gold plated integrated structure, RCA, 3PH (TRS PHONE), etc. We have it in stock.
*The photo is a CF/CM.

・Conductor Size: 0.30mm²
・Construction: 28/0.12A (No./mm)
・Insulation Thickness: 0.64mm (±0.05mm)
・Paired twisting diameter:4.00mm
・Shield Diameter: 4.60mm
・Jacket Thickness: 0.80mm (±0.10)
・Maximum conductor resistance (20℃): 58.00≧(Ω/km)
・Capacitance (1kHz): Approx. 70pF/m