Providence Bass aRB-108M5 NAT

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Based on the theme of "combat power" that Providence has pursued for many years, the aRB-108M5 pursues the concept of aiming for high playability by taking advantage of the characteristics of a 5-string bass.

*The bridge is different from the current model.

Vitalizer® Bass Preamp
Equipped with VP-B1F assembly
The active 3-band EQ section uses the know-how of the stomp-type preamp DBS-1 and uses custom-made W curve pots, and the important bands of Treble/Mid/Bass are controlled with unprecedented smooth operability and exquisiteness. Boost/cut with Q curve peaking. With Mid, you can select the frequency band with a 3-position switch and make precise settings without hesitation.
Furthermore, Nuance SW lets you choose which order the signal passes through, active EQ or Vitalizer®-B1, which allows you to subtly change the texture of the midrange using a different approach than the EQ or tone circuit. I can.

Original pickup eXpresso II and hardware
Equipped with the eXpresso II 5-string bass pickups exII-511 & exII-531, which were developed by Providence's electrical engineers under the supervision of Shozo Shimura in cooperation with Minoru Kariya, representative of Kariya-Pickups, who is active as a pickup manufacturer. The design uses Alnico 5 for the magnet and changes the number of turns on the neck and bridge sides, providing a powerful yet well-balanced sound.
The hardware is GOTOH GB528, which has a reputation for accurate tuning. Equipped with pegs.

The strongest wood thanks to Shozo Shimura's unique neck material selection method and Asuka's advanced technology.
The carefully selected Ash 2-piece body design with natural lines reduces discomfort when playing, and the unique neck selection method proposed by Shozo Shimura and Asuka's various manufacturing know-how enhance the sound of the wood. By providing a neck with a structure that reduces stress, we aim to allow players to concentrate on playing without stress.
●Body: Ash 2 piece
●Neck: Maple
●Fingerboard: Maple
●Frets: 21frets
●Scale: 864mm
●Tuners: GOTOH GB528
●Pickups: eXⅡ-511(Neck), eXⅡ-531(Bridge)
●Pickguard: 3P Black
●Controls: Front Volume, Rear Volume, Tone, Treble, Mid, Bass
●Switchss: Active/Passive SW, 3way Mid Frequency SW, Nuance SW
●Preamp: Vitalizer Bass Preamp VP-B1