Programmable Effects Controller/PEC-4V o/l

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The PEC-4V allows you to program up to 4 patterns of combinations of 4 effect loops and recall them easily. It is also equipped with a VITALIZER input to prevent sound quality deterioration, and is equipped with 4 DC output circuits equivalent to the Provolt9 (PV-9), each capable of supplying up to 100mA.

VZ IN (vitalizer input)
By passing it through a vitalizer circuit, it converts weak signals from guitars and basses into stronger signals that are less susceptible to deterioration. (The signal level does not change))

IN (input)
In order to support effects such as FUZZ, which change the way the effect is applied drastically if you connect it after making it low impedance through a vitalizer, connect it to the IN that does not go through the vitalizer circuit.

Series connection loop <br>The signal flow from loop 1 to loop 3 is connected in series. Each loop switches signals using high-grade mechanical relays. When the loop is OFF, the SEND output is muted, preventing oscillations caused by crosstalk that tend to occur when high gain effectors are connected.

Separate loop <br>Loop 4 is a completely independent loop. The SEND jack of this loop can be used as an NC (normally closed) type control terminal, the OUT jack can be used as a NO (normally open) type control terminal, and can be used as a control terminal for switching amplifier channels, etc.
Various connection methods can be realized, such as setting this separate loop as a MUTE loop or setting it for A/B OUT switching. In addition, if three series connection loops are not enough, you can connect the IN jack and OUT jack of the separate loop and use it as a fourth effect loop.

Program mode In program mode, you can program up to 4 patterns of combinations of 4 effect loops and easily recall them.

Direct access mode In direct access mode, you can turn on/off the four effect loops individually.

VZ THRU (Vitalizer Thru)
The signal input from the Vitalizer Input or Input is always output from the Vitalizer Thru, allowing you to tune while playing. This circuit is separated from the main signal line by the vitalizer circuit, so even if the cable to the tuner is short-circuited or the tuner is broken, the main signal line will be less likely to be affected.

4 systems of DC9V output/Provolt9
PEC-4V has 4 DC9V outputs, each capable of supplying up to 100mA. Each DC output has a built-in short protection circuit, so even if one output shorts, the other outputs will not be affected. Additionally, when the output returns to normal status from a short-circuit condition, the auto-recovery function automatically restores the DC output. Each DC output of the Provolt9 is double filtered for extremely clean power delivery. A clean power supply is essential for obtaining high-quality sound.