P203 "The PATCH"

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The world's "The Purple Cable" developed exclusively for patches. The hybrid construction is highly flexible, and the super-tight braided shield shuts out electromagnetic noise.

Features of the P203 cable <br>This is a patch-specific cable that is designed to connect effectors to each other, or from an effector to an amplifier, which has never been done before. Conventional short "patch cables" sometimes cut out essential ranges or lead to a thinner sound. The P203 model was developed with the aim of solving these problems and achieving high flexibility without reducing sound quality as much as possible even when using "compact effectors" that are said to be prone to deterioration of sound quality. Of course, the performance remains the same even when connected to a rack-type effector or preamplifier. Length variations range from 0.1m to 0.5m in 5cm increments, and lengths that are convenient for handling from boards and racks have been added to the lineup.

A plug that fits perfectly and is safe <br>Providence's original phone plug NP series is made in Japan with both the plug body and shell machined from brass. It is a handcrafted product that requires manual labor in many of the manufacturing steps. The plug shaft is φ6.3mm. There is little variation from product to product, and it fits snugly into inch-sized (1/4 inch) jacks used in most musical instruments such as guitars, making it difficult to pull out, and the many contact points between the plug and jack improves sound quality. have a positive impact.
*Note) Excludes LE series.

Providence's unique practicality and ideas ●When developing a product, Providence cables always test numerous combinations of plugs and solders, and choose the combination that best matches the sound they are looking for.
●Similarly, we select gold-plated or nickel-plated plugs to match the sound quality and individuality of each cable.
●The L-shaped plug has a unique angle of 91° (utility model), which provides space between the device and the device to grip the plug, and applies vertical force to reduce the load on the jack and plug when plugging or unplugging. Masu. It also allows for smooth connection to devices with an angled jack and chassis, such as those found on wah-wah pedals.

About the plug
For the P203 model, which emphasizes high sound quality, we have prepared a combination of a short shell that is downsized as much as possible while ensuring sufficient mass to maintain sound quality.

For more information about Providence plugs → https://pacifix-one.com/collections/plugs

・Providence with NCS3 OFC PATCH CABLE for Effects
・Conductor Size: 0.25mm²
・Construction(No./mm): 50/0.08OFC
・Diameter: 0.65mm
・Inner insulation thickness: 1.18mm (±0.05)
・Diameter: 3.00mm
・Outer Insulation-Thickness: 0.25mm(±0.05)
・Diameter: 3.50mm
・Inner Jacket Thickness: 0.25mm
・Diameter: 4.00mm
・Shield Diameter: 4.50mm
・Jacket Thickness: 0.75mm(±0.10)
・Diameter: 6.00mm
・Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C): 70.70≧(Ω/km)
・Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.70(pF/m)
・Plug: NP-12G and NP-12GL (L type plug)