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The P-4 Routing Box series inherits the quality of the P-1, P-2, and P-3 series, which have received overwhelming support from many musicians since their release in 1999, while reducing costs by reviewing production efficiency. We realized this. This is a hand-wired product that uses carefully selected parts and a wiring method that has excellent sound quality and is resistant to noise.
P-4LE is a model that adds an effect loop to P-4E (A/B BOX). There is an effect loop before A/B select. Bypass the signal if nothing is connected to the loop. Since you can check whether the loop is ON or OFF using the LED, it is also suitable for vintage effectors that do not have LEDs and cannot be used to check whether the effect is ON or OFF. Also, some effectors have a circuit configuration that passes through the buffer even when the effect is turned off. Some players may not want to use buffers when bypassing. The P-4LE can completely disconnect the signal line of devices connected to the loop with a switch, so it can meet these needs. By setting the switch spacing to 60 mm, you can reliably operate each ON/OFF switch, and we have adopted a unique dimension that allows you to press both switches at the same time.