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The P-4 Routing Box series inherits the quality of the P-1, P-2, and P-3 series, which have received overwhelming support from many musicians since their release in 1999, while reducing costs by reviewing production efficiency. We realized this. This is a hand-wired product that uses carefully selected parts and a wiring method that has excellent sound quality and is resistant to noise.
The jack is made by Switchcraft and is an A/B BOX that uses Providence OFC wiring material to provide extremely low-quality sound. When A OUT is selected, the LED lights up, and unselected signal lines are grounded, so the input of the amplifier or effector is muted. This is the same state as when you turn down the volume of a guitar or bass, and the amount of noise is the lowest.
This prevents noise from being output from the amplifier when it gets into the input of connected cables, amplifiers, and effectors, and also prevents crosstalk from occurring. For example, if you connect a tuner to A OUT and the equipment you have been using to B OUT, you can tune without making a sound when A OUT is selected.