NP-21 Mini

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The world's smallest plug cap for the V206 Silver Bullet solder type.
The world's smallest solder-type plugs, the NP-21 and NP-21L, were developed with the idea in mind that ``artists can concentrate on playing without stress.'' The patented "loosening prevention" function prevents plug caps from loosening, which tends to occur when traveling on tour, and is effective in saving space and reducing weight of effector boards that you want to keep as compact as possible. In addition, due to the compactness of the plug cap, the jack also doubles as an end pin, such as electric guitars and electric acoustic guitars, which have small bodies, making it ideal for instruments where you do not want the cable to stand out as much as possible. The NP-21/NP-21L plug is used in the V206 Silver Bullet for patches, V206a for electric acoustics, and V206u for electric guitars in combination with a thin, lightweight, high-quality V206 cable with a diameter of 4 mm. .