JMRolph PJ Bass Pickup

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Reproduces the black bobbin from the mid-1960s. It is characterized by a thick and tight sound in all ranges from low to high, as well as tight and wide range low mids. You can enjoy a high-quality plebeian sound that resonates to the core of your body, with a clear and calm vintage sound that is sometimes aggressive.

JMRolph began researching vintage pickups in 1959. Since then, the handmade custom pickups commissioned by many top musicians have received praise from top musicians both in Japan and abroad, calling them ``perfectly reproduced pickups.''
JMRolph has thoroughly analyzed and verified various pickups from each generation by rewinding them himself (he even made his own machine to rewind the wire). As a result, they discovered that even pickups of the same type have their own characteristics, not only due to differences in the materials of each part, but also in the way they are wrapped depending on the year of manufacture and the type of worker.
JMRolph creates pickups by selecting samples that provide the best sound from among different pickups of the same type, and by carefully selecting materials without relying solely on measured values ​​(DC resistance, etc.). To do. In addition, we reproduce the ultimate vintage sound using our unique regauss technology and winding technology.