Foot switch lock PFL-1000

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On a dark stage during a live performance, or during intense action, you may instantly step on a foot switch to change the switch, but depending on the situation, there may be a foot switch that you should not step on during a live performance. You often see effect boards protected with plastic bottle caps or similar to prevent people from accidentally stepping on them, but they don't look very good.
The PFL-1000 foot switch lock comes in handy in such situations. It easily attaches to most common types of footswitches and looks sleek.
Also, when you need to edit/program a programmable switcher such as the PEC-2, you can press the switch with your finger without removing it.

Applicable screw dimensions: M12 x 0.75 (screw pitch) External size: 14Φ 13mm (height)

●1 set contains 3 pieces

Caution: Cannot be used with items that have a special installation method, installation diameter, or thread pitch. Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damage to the switch or equipment due to improper installation or usage.