Dual Vitalized Routing Interface/DVI-1M o/l

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~Product with manufacturer's fault, packaging box damaged, B class product~

Equipped with a vitalizer for INPUT/OUTPUT (dual). With the signal junction box function (3 para box) and mute box function (external switch control), functions that were dispersed when building a pedal system are now easy to use and compact. A new input/output interface item that can accommodate any pedal system configuration.

●Equipped with dual vitalizer <br>It minimizes changes in the sound quality of the signal, making it low impedance, preventing changes and deterioration in sound quality due to pedal systems and long cables, and stabilizing the signal.
Two lines, one after the IN input and the other after the RETURN input, are each equipped with a vitalizer, allowing the vitalizer to function in any routing set.

Each input/output jack is laid out so that it can be efficiently wired as an input/output for the pedal system (board).

●TUNER out (can also be used as a 3-para box)
Normally a tuner is connected, but by switching the internal switch it can also function as a 3-para box.

You can mute the audio signal using a commercially available foot switch (latch type). When building a pedal system using SEND/RETURN, you can apply mute at the end of the pedal system, shutting out noise and unnecessary reverberation generated within the pedal system.

●Pop noise reduction circuit The mute circuit uses a relay contact circuit that does not change the sound quality. Furthermore, it is equipped with a circuit that reduces pop noise when switching the mute switch. Designed to be unaffected by connected effectors or external electrical influences, it provides a stable, low-noise environment.

Operation can be recognized by lighting blue when the power is turned on and flashing red when muted.

This THRU jack has a stereophone (TRS) structure, and the two signal lines (tip and ring) and ground line (sleeve) are electrically completely independent. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from pedal systems to amplifier channel control patches and two-way signal connections to external equipment.

●Wide voltage DC input Input DC power supply voltage can be used with a wide range of AC adapters for musical instruments from various companies (center tip negative, voltage regulator type) with various voltages from +9V to +18V. It also works with 006P batteries (internally stored).

●Vitalizer ×2
TUNER output: Constant output/MUTE CTL-linked operation switching (internal slide switch),
MUTE: External foot switch (latch type)
●Power source: 9V battery and DC9-18V stabilized type AC adapter (each sold separately)
●Size: 115(D) x 78(W) x 36(H)mm
●Weight: Approximately 200g (not including batteries)