Bottom plate 2 for BOSS effector LE-EBP-2

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Effector Bottom Plate LE-EBP has been upgraded as Effector Bottom Plate 2.

To match the shape of the back cover of the latest BOSS compact effector, we changed the shape so that the DC jack part and the bottom plate do not come into contact with each other.
This allows it to be fixed to effector boards etc. more securely than conventional products. The LE-EBP-2 Effector Bottom Plate 2 is difficult to securely attach when attaching a BOSS compact effector to an effector board, etc., because the back cover is not flat, making it difficult to attach Velcro etc. did.
By replacing this Effector Bottom Plate 2 with the back cover of a BOSS compact effector, the back cover becomes flat, making it easier to attach Velcro, etc., and making it possible to securely fix it to effector boards, etc.
Additionally, since this product is made of aluminum, it also helps reduce the weight of the main body.
It can also be installed on older BOSS compact effectors that do not have a protruding DC jack part, but please note that there will be a gap at the DC jack part.

*BOSS is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation.