B202 "Bottomfreq'er"

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Cable for basses such as 4-string to 6-string. Emphasizes the bass range, focusing on the Low-Mid range, which is the most important for basses.
Recommended for electric acoustic guitar and down tuning.

Features of B202 cable
The Bottomfreq'er® B202 model uses Providence's unique core wire configuration LINEAR BASS'O OFC for the conductor, and firmly covers the low-mid range, which was difficult to achieve with conventional guitar cables. It is ideal not only for 4-string basses that place particular emphasis on the bass range, but also for multi-string basses such as 5-string and 6-string basses that require a wider range. It also meets the needs of guitar players who seek a heavy sound using down tuning and thick gauge strings, which are often used in modern music. It is also recommended for "electric acoustic guitar" which covers a wider range of sounds and where the low range is also an important element. Generally speaking, long cables are said to lower the treble range and make the sound thinner, but the B202 model was developed with the idea of ​​minimizing such problems faced by musicians in mind.
Furthermore, electromagnetic noise is shut out by using a super dense braided shield and carbon-containing conductive vinyl. It protects the sound from the floor-slapping noise that often occurs during use, high-frequency noise from TVs and radios, and noise generated from motors, etc. For the plugs, we use all 24 gold plated Providence NP-14G and NP-14GL (L-shaped plugs), which best match the sound required by the B202 cable.

A plug that fits perfectly and provides peace of mind <br>Providence's original phone plug NP series is made in Japan with both the plug body and shell machined from brass. It is a handcrafted product that requires manual labor in many of the manufacturing steps. The plug shaft is φ6.3mm. There is little variation from product to product, and it fits snugly into inch-sized (1/4 inch) jacks used in most musical instruments such as guitars, making it difficult to pull out, and the many contact points between the plug and jack improves sound quality. have a positive impact.
*Note) Excludes LE series.

Providence's unique practicality and ideas ●When developing a product, Providence cables always test numerous combinations of plugs and solders, and choose the combination that best matches the sound they are looking for.
●Similarly, we select gold-plated or nickel-plated plugs to match the sound quality and individuality of each cable.
●The L-shaped plug has a unique angle of 91° (utility model), which secures space between the device and the device to hold the plug, and applies vertical force to reduce the load on the jack and plug when plugging or unplugging. Masu. It also makes it easy to connect to devices with an angled jack and chassis, such as wah-wah pedals.

About the plug form of the Providence cable ●In the case of S/S (straight/straight), one side has a long shell that can be easily inserted and removed using a Stratocaster's boat jack, and the amplifier/effector side has a slightly shorter mid shell.
●In the case of S/L (straight/L type), it is a combination of a mid shell L type that is easy to use even with a side jack on one side and does not get in the way, and a long shell straight on the other side.
●L/L (L type/L type) uses a mid-shell L type that is easy to use on both sides and does not get in the way.

For more information about Providence plugs → https://pacifix-one.com/collections/plugs

*10.0m is a special order and will be wrapped in a simple plastic bag instead of regular packaging.

・Providence with LINEAR BASS'O OFC for Electric Bass & Guitar
・Conductor Size: 0.25mm²
・Construction(No./mm): 50/0.08OFC
・Diameter: 0.65mm
・Insulation Thickness: 1.93mm(±0.05)
・Diameter: 4.50mm
・Inner Jacket-Thickness: 0.25mm
・Diameter: 5.00mm
・Shield-Diameter: 5.50mm
・Jacket-Thickness: 0.75mm(±0.10)
・Diameter: 7.00mm
・Maximum conductor resistance (20°C): 70.70≧(Ω/km)
・Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.55(pF/m)
・Plug: NP-14G Long/Mid and NP-14GL Mid (L-type plug)