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It is a type of buffer that converts passive high-impedance signals such as those from drop-tuned guitars and multi-string basses into low-impedance signals that are less susceptible to noise, suppressing changes in tone quality and outputting lively signals.

VITALIZER® is a buffer amplifier that converts high-impedance electrical signals that are susceptible to noise and changes in sound quality caused by plug/jack contacts and long cables into low-impedance signals that are less susceptible to such effects. This Active Impedance Converter is a type of Active Impedance Converter that uses Providence's unique ingenuity to avoid becoming too Hi-Fi, taking into account the signal characteristics of musical instruments such as guitars/bass and effectors. It outputs a natural signal that minimizes the so-called "active odor" and is as faithful as possible to the original sound unique to musical instruments.

●Effective usage By connecting it closest to the bass or guitar, you can transform the low range, where the outline of the sound tends to be blurred, into a tight and firm sound. It is effective not only for basses, but also for multi-string guitars and drop-tuned guitars, where the low range tends to be muffled. When installed at the entrance of a pedal board system, it prevents changes and deterioration in sound quality due to multiple plug/jack contacts, stabilizes sound quality even in various environments, and reduces external noise.
It is also effective to connect it just before the amplifier, or in places where you are concerned about deterioration or changes in sound quality.

●Compact size The functions are unified and housed in a compact size of 60 x 73/mm. When incorporating it into a pedal board, it also helps improve the sound quality by using a small gap.
To make it more compact, we omitted the battery space. When using a battery, please connect the included outer battery box to the DC9V input jack. It can also be used with an AC adapter or power supply.

*This product comes with an outer battery box (LE-OBB-2).