Power supply 9 volt power box/PV-9

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The Provolt9's ​​auto voltage controller function supplies approximately 9.6V (the voltage of a new alkaline battery) to low current consumption effectors that emphasize dynamics, such as boosters, overdrives, and distortions.

Short protection & auto recovery function Each DC output has a built-in short protection circuit, so even if one output shorts, other outputs will not be affected. Additionally, when the output returns to normal status from a short-circuit condition, the auto-recovery function automatically restores the DC output.
Auto voltage controller function The output voltage of power supplies for general pedal effectors is almost unified at DC9V. A new battery will output a voltage higher than 9V DC (9.4V to 9.8V DC, depending on the manufacturer). Until now, the difference in sound quality occurred due to the voltage difference when using a battery and when using a power supply, but Provolt9 uses an auto voltage controller function to control current consumption with emphasis on dynamics such as booster, overdrive, and distortion. Approximately 9.6V (the voltage of a new alkaline battery) is supplied to effectors with low voltage. This 0.6V difference makes a surprising difference in sound quality.
Double filtering function provides high quality sound
Each DC output of the Provolt9 is double filtered for extremely clean power delivery. A clean power supply is essential for obtaining high-quality sound.
Star ground to suppress hum noise Generally, power supplies with multiple DC outputs are wired in parallel at the DC output jack terminals, which can generate hum noise. Provolt9 uses star ground wiring for the ground of each DC output to suppress hum noise.

■Main specifications●Input: DC12V
●Output: DC9V output terminal x 6 (each 100mA MAX)
5.5x2.1mm barrel connector (jack)
●Power source: 9V battery (1 piece), AC adapter ●Output power polarity: Center “-(minus)”
-Size: 115(D) x 64(W) x 32(H)mm
●Weight: Approx. 180g
●Accessories: Dedicated AC adapter (PAP-812DCJ)
DC cable (2.1mm type) 30cm S/L x 3, 50cm S/L x 3