MIDI Programmable Effects Controller/PEC-2

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The Providence PEC-2 programmable effects controller allows you to program up to 84 effect combinations for your sound, including MIDI control, using up to 8 effects loops. It's very simple to operate and more than just an effects switcher, it offers a variety of features that can greatly increase its ability and versatility on stage or in the studio.

5 series connection loops Loops 1 to 5 are connected in series. When the loop is turned off, the SEND output is muted and no signal is sent to the connected effector. This prevents oscillations (often buzzing sounds) caused by crosstalk that tend to occur when high gain effectors are connected.
Each loop uses an SCT circuit (single contact true bypass circuit), so only one relay circuit is passed through when bypassing. The result is improved reliability and higher sound quality.

Three separate loops Loops 6 to 8 are completely independent loops and can be used as latch control terminals for switching amplifier channels, etc. The SEND jack can be used as an NC (normally closed) type latch control terminal, and the OUT jack can be used as a NO (normally open) type latch control terminal.
Each loop, including the ground, is completely separate, so you can connect it to multiple devices as a control terminal without causing problems due to ground loops. It can be set as a loop for MUTE or as an A/B OUT switch, allowing for a variety of connection methods. In addition, if 5 series connection loops are not enough, you can connect the IN jack and OUT jack of the separate loop to expand it to up to 8 effect loops.
You can also use two separate loops to function as a stereo loop.

MIDI function
Equipped with MIDI IN and OUT/THRU terminals, it is possible to send and receive data to MIDI devices. Each switch can be freely set to a control change number, allowing for a variety of system configurations. Also, when using two PEC-2s in link mode, both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT/THRU connectors can be used.
*When using two PEC-2s in remote mode, only the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT/THRU connectors on the MASTER side can be used. Please note that the SLAVE side cannot be used.

MUTE function
Since the mute circuit is placed just before OUT1 and OUT2, it can be operated regardless of the state of the called program. You can choose between manual release mode, in which mute is released manually, and automatic release mode, in which mute is automatically released when the program switch is pressed.

Memory function
Can store up to 84 programs (7 programs x 12 banks). Equipped with a memory protection function, it prevents erroneous operations that could result in accidentally changing the contents of memory.

Two LINK functions Link mode: Connect two PEC-2s and operate as an effect controller with up to 16 loops. The same program number will be called no matter which one you operate. When operating in DIRECT mode, each loop operates independently.
Remote mode: Place one device on stage and the other in the wings of the stage, and either one can operate as a remote controller. Set as master or slave, and recall the settings of PEC-2 set as master.

Buffer section Adopts a proven buffer amplifier used in many Providence custom products. DC15V is used for the power supply to ensure a sufficient dynamic range. By passing it through a buffer circuit, it converts weak signals from guitars and basses into stronger signals that are less susceptible to deterioration. (The signal level does not change)
In order to support effects such as FUZZ, which change the way the effect is applied when connected after passing through the buffer, we have provided a dedicated IN/OUT jack for the buffer circuit.

Tuner Out <br>The input signal is always output from the tuner out, so you can tune while playing. The tuner out circuit is separated from the main signal line by a buffer circuit, so even if the cable to the tuner shorts or the tuner breaks, the effect will be less likely to affect the main signal line. Masu.

Power supply section Adopts an adapter with twice the required power supply capacity to ensure stable operation even when the power supply voltage drops to AC80V. Additionally, the heat generated by the adapter is suppressed, allowing it to be used safely even in locations with relatively high ambient temperatures.

please note:
The PEC-2 cannot transmit MIDI program change numbers and control change numbers from MIDI out at the same time.