LE501 Patch

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Patch cords are also available for the LE501 series lineup. Lengths are 0.15m, 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.75m. The plugs used are of a one-piece structure, similar to those of a higher class, achieving high sound quality and high durability. The more economical "set of 4" comes in 4 colors in 1 pack and comes in length variations of 0.15m and 0.3m. Plugs are S/L and L/L.
*List of products that have been changed to made in China

・Providence with NVW2 OFC
・Conductor Size: 0.18mm²
・Construction(No./mm): 16/0.12OFC
・Diameter: 0.55mm
・Insulation Thickness: 0.73mm(±0.05)
・Diameter: 2.00mm
・Inner Jacket Thickness: 0.25mm
・Diameter: 2.50mm
・Shield Diameter: 3.00mm
・Jacket Thickness: 1.75mm(±0.10)
・Diameter: 6.50mm
・Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C): 100.00≧(Ω/km)
・Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.160(pF/m)